Who We Are

Our family is busy just like everyone else in the world..BUT that doesn't mean you can't make memories in a very inexpensive way! This store was developed in order to have the means to design items and have them shipped to me when I needed them. So, I figured why not share it with my friends..and then work...and why not the rest of the world! All my swag is item cost+plus shipping included in the price so no crazy surprises at check out! I design everything for all sorts of different companies! If you have an idea, let me know and I will create it for you! Let's make memories together ... and WHY BUY LESS?

What We Do

Well now...what DON'T we do should be the real question! Everything from mugs to water bottles, t-shirts to blankets...wrapping paper to speakers...we design it al! What I do is take your idea, your colors, your brand or your words and put on it whatever you want! How easy is that?! There isn't any fees or costs, but just a design that you approve that gets added to your company's product collection. Everything that is created will stay on the website for future purchases or is deleted upon request. That's it! If you have an idea, I can make it come to life (AND CHEAP)! Everything I sell on there is the cost of the product (that I pay) plus shipping so no hidden shipping fees at checkout! How about that! WHY BUY LESS (and get less) when you could get MORE!!!

How It Works

Let's use the FIRE DEPARTMENT as an example. Fire House 23 sends me an email and says " Hey there..wanna make us some metal wall art signs for the station?" and I say "Sure, whatcha need". They send me their idea, I send it to the supplier, I have it made and send it to them! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! No design cost that they need to worry about. They buy whatever they want. Everything is automated. I house it on the website for if they want to purchase again! That's the jist!